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About AAA Vault

Welcome To Your Future In Precious Metals

Investing with AAA Vault Inc. in Hard Assets

AAA Vault Inc. is one of the world’s premier precious metals investment firms that specializes in the full-service management of hard assets for individuals and companies worldwide. Our philosophy is to make strategic recommendations on undervalued hard assets.

AAA Vault’s management focuses on investments in the precious metals, real estate, brick and mortar type companies with an eye on returning high yields on one’s investment.

AAA Vault invests its own capital, alongside clients, in hard assets and private offerings and manages these assets through operating platforms and secure facilities.

AAA Vault Services

Our Services

  • Wealth management
  • Cash flow management
  • Top of the line customer service & satisfaction
  • Ease of buying and selling with the click of a button
  • Fully allocated precious metals – you retain the title of your assets
  • Ultra-Secure Storage

AAA Vault believes in building a community of close-knit clients to remove the stress off needing to reach for pie in the sky opportunities and fee sucking advisors.

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It’s about you, protection and growth of your investments with AAA Vault by reducing opportunity costs and risk while seeking exponential returns when the situation seems fit

AAA Vault Values

AAA Vault Specialists value each and every relationship that is formed. In our formulaic approach to better assist you in your goals, we stand by the following protocols:



AAA Vault Specialists are aware of the trust you give and the high expectations you will encounter. Our Specialists will give every single client 110% because we at AAA Vault are well aware of this and want you to feel that you can rely on us to deliver exactly what you want and expect.



AAA Vault Specialists are just a phone call or email away, any time you need assistance.



Our team of experienced AAA Vault Specialists will provide you with the professional and successful tools to keep you satisfied with your choices in precious metals. AAA Vault supplies cutting edge information to you that will assist you in any decisions you may have to make. AAA Vault Specialists dedicate their time to making sure you are unequivocally happy with the results on your precious metals acquisitions.