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Frequently Asked Questions

Investing in Hard Assets & Precious Metals

  • What is bullion?

    Bullion is a term used to describe any product produced from a precious metal whose value is determined almost exclusively by its precious metal content. Bullion is priced in conjunction with current market “spot” value plus a premium for fabrication and shipping costs.

  • How do I open an account?

    Opening account is easy:

    1. Fill new client account form online, Send Identification, Receive Account Approval
    2. Fund account
    3. Ready to go – start investing!
  • How do I buy and sell?

    Contact your AAA Vault’s Specialist, and place your buy or sell orders. Provided there is sufficient equity/funds in your account all orders will be executed immediately.

  • What forms of payment do you accept?

    AAA Vault accepts as payment certified cheques, money orders, drafts, e-transfers and bank wire transfers. Also, you are able to make AAA Vault Inc. a bill payee same as you would pay a utility bill.

  • What are Hard Assets?

    A hard asset is an asset that can also be used for another purpose. Paper money cannot be used to create another product. However, precious metals such as gold, silver, and palladium can be used in technology, jewelry, and various other capacities which is what helps them keep their value.

  • Can I take possession of the precious metals?

    Yes, provided all precious metals are paid for in full. You can take physical possession of paid-for precious metal investments for minimal delivery charges.

  • What is the minimum or maximum amount of precious metals that I should have in my investment portfolio?

    AAA Vault believes, depending on individual objectives, net worth and risk tolerance, that 10–30% of an individual’s total investment portfolio value should always be diversified in the precious metals market including gold, silver, platinum, and palladium.

  • Where is my precious metal investment stored?

    AAA Vault Advantage Account holds your investment in precious metal in the most reputable vaults worldwide. Our outstanding relationship with these vaults and refiners worldwide allows us to offer your investment at very competitive rates negotiated through AAA Vault. The bullion is stored in custody with these secure institutions in the name of AAA Vault, but you own your assets and have the title provided. The title is given to clients through a commodity title transfer as an omnibus account holder.

  • How is the price determined when I place a buy or sell order?

    One can always purchase precious metals for the offer price and sell precious metals for the bid price. Open orders can be placed at any chosen level but might not guarantee a fill. Speak to your AAA Vault Specialist about the different order types.

  • What is Limit Buy and Sell as well as Stop Buy and Sell orders?

    When a customer wants to buy or sell bullion at a price different from the current market trading price, AAA Vault will accept Limit Buy and Sell as well as Stop Buy and Sell orders. The order will execute if and when the current market trading price changes sufficiently to allow execution.

    • Limits: An order to purchase at a price below the current market price or an order to sell at a price above the current market price.
    • Stop: An order to purchase at a specified price below the current market price or an order to sell at a specified price above the current market price. Stop orders await execution until the market moves to the specified level where the stop is left.
  • Are my prices locked in when I place an order?

    Yes, provided there is sufficient capital in your investment account to fill the order.

  • What do I receive once an order has been executed?

    Once an order has been executed, you will receive a soft copy confirmation via email or facsimile. A hard copy confirmation of your precious metal investment will follow same day via post.

  • What are the risks involved in purchasing precious metals as investments?

    Every type of investment contains various elements of risk. Because the value of precious metals can rise or fall quickly, investing in precious metals may not be suitable for everyone. Before investing in precious metals, one should have a firm grasp of the precious metals market and have ample capital liquidity. Like all investments, before investing in the precious metal markets, one should consult with one’s appropriate advisor.

  • How does it work when buying precious metals as an investment with AAA Vault?

    Clients can always purchase precious metals for the offer price and sell precious metals for the bid price. Client can access buying and selling with an agent at AAA Vault during office hours Monday- Thursday 8:30am-8pm and Friday 8:30 am-4pm. As well Clients can put in limit buy and sells that will be active outside office hours. Thus, allowing access to investing the full 24 hour, 5 ½ days a week when precious metal is traded. Client will receive a title transfer confirmation of holdings once order is filled.

    You are not buying specific bars or coins but are buying and investing in good delivery bars that are held in top security vaults. This eliminates the need to pay fabrication costs. You are able to have your precious metal investment delivered for a small fee.

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